Vue and TypeScript: Simplicity with Ergonomics

Pine Wu - Nov 4, 2020 - [9 AM -12 PM] & [6 PM -10 PM] EST

Pine Wu

Vue Core Team / Vetur creator

About the host

Pine Wu is the creator of Vetur and a member of Vue.js Core Team. While working on Visual Studio Code at Microsoft, he has made Vetur one of the most popular VS Code extensions with nearly 6 million downloads. Recently, Pine started experimenting with living as a digital nomad, splitting time between personal research and Open Source contribution.

Workshop Details

TypeScript, with its type system to catch errors and powerful IDE features, brings confidence and productivity to frontend developers. With some effort, you can use Vue with TypeScript to enjoy Vue's simplicity while taking advantage of TypeScript's ergonomics.

This workshop is for Vue developers who want to make the transition to TypeScript. I'll explain the benefits of TypeScript and show you how you can use Vue and TypeScript effectively.

Here are some topics we'll cover:

  • Vue and TypeScript project setup
  • Vue 2 with TypeScript
  • Vue 3 / Composition API with TypeScript
  • Vuex with TypeScript
  • Typing Vue components
  • Writing and using Vue Component Data
  • Type checking Vue components with Continuous Integration
  • (If time permitting) One or two topics selected from an audience poll

Note that this workshop will be split into 2 parts to accommodate the instructor's time zone: 9-12 EST - break - 18-22 EST

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