Conference Schedule

November 15-16, 2018 | Fairmount Royal York, Toronto

Day 1, 2

NOV 15-16, 2018

Evan You

Creator of Vue.js

9:00 AM

Conference Keynote Address

Description to be announced!

Chris Fritz

Vue.js Core Team Member

30-45 mins

Visualizations using SVG, Canvas, and WebGL in Vue

It might not be obvious how to use Vue's reactive data with non-HTML web technologies, but it's easier than you might think. See how it's done, learn the tradeoffs of each technology, and gain tips to optimize performance. You'll be building stunning visualizations to impress clients and colleagues in less time than you think!

Jacob Schatz

Staff Engineer of Data Science @GitLab.

30-45 mins

Vuex in Action

I will talk about why Vuex is an amazing framework for large applications, as well as how we use it at GitLab in completely new and novel ways. Things like creating an IDE

Diana Rodriguez

LATAM Regional Director @VueVixens.

30-45 mins

Vueployment 101 - Deployment for Frontenders

We do Vuetiful apps and that's definitely granted. How about this: A DevOps/SRE turned front end thanks to Vue giving you all the secrets, best practices and easier ways to ship your apps without burning yourself. This is Vueployment 101.

Guillaume Chau

Vue.js Core Team Member

30-45 mins

Why Vue CLI needed a UI and what you can do with it

Vue CLI 3 is a completely new tool that allows you to create, build, evolve and even deploy Vue applications. It's based on an entirely new plugin system. A full Graphical User Interface in bundled with it so you can easily explore all the new features and have neat things like a webpack dashboard and a plugin search. All of this is extendable with a powerful API that allows you to write new plugins!

Tamara Stefanovic

Junior Software Engineer @TWG

30-45 mins

Legacy and Vue

Examining strategies for including vuejs within existing applications, in order to modernise without throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Hassan Djirdeh

Frontend Developer @Shopify

30-45 mins

Client Side Routing in Vue

In web development, routing often refers to splitting an application’s UI based on rules derived from the browser URL. Numerous tools/libraries exist that allow us to enable routing both on the client and server side of applications. This begs the question, as to what does it actually take to construct a client side router? First, I'll use the most basic tools that the Vue framework already provides to build a fully functional custom client side router. We'll then switch over to using the official vue-router library to understand all the benefits that it adds such as nested routes, navigation guards, transition effects, etc. The objective of this talk is to convey the relevance/importance of client-side routing as well as how easy it is to accomplish with integrating vue-router to a well structured Vue app.

Ignacio Anaya

Software Engineer @Bloq

30-45 mins

A Token Walks Into a SPA

We often need to deal with token-based authentication when building Single Page Applications. There is a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt when it comes to JWTs, so how can you be sure you are handling token-based auth properly? In this talk, I will cover best practices when it comes to implementing token-based authentication using JWTs in a Vue.js SPA.

Trudy MacNabb

CTO of Up at Five

30-45 mins

Augmenting Shopify with Vue.js

Vue.js is a great way to add new functionality to an existing Shopify theme. Integrating Vue.js can leverage the data available in Shopify to provide improved customer experiences and sales opportunities (with or without the use of an extra Shopify app).

Ben Hong

Senior UI Developer at Politico

30-45 mins

VuePress: Documentation Made Easy

For those who have been lucky enough to work with Vue.js documentation, you know that it’s one of the best out there in the ecosystem. And true to the ethos of the Vue.js ecosystem, Evan You has just come out with another tool that makes documentation a joy for both maintainers and users.

Callum Macrae

Front-end Developer @SamKnows

30-45 mins

Accessibility in Single Page Apps

As developers, we have a responsibility to make sure that as many people as possible can use the websites and applications that we create. But with a new generation of websites—single page applications—come a new set of challenges for users with disabilities, and the assistive technology they use to browse the web. During this talk, I'll explain and show what we as developers can do to ensure that our single page applications are usable by everyone, including people who might not use a keyboard, mouse and screen like the majority of us do.

Christian Nwamba

Developer Advocate (🥑)

30-45 mins

(Media) Content Optimization & Perf for Vue Apps

Developers are always concerned about writing code that works while ignoring they have to consider a product that works. 70% of the WWW content is media and we are still not getting it right. End users in under-developerd and developing countries end up with poor experience. How can we build apps that users actually use and happy about? This talk is your bet!

Dan Zeitman

Developer Advocate @Cloudinary

30-45 mins

Reimagining a Video Editing & Production in the Browser with Vue

Move over Final Cut and iMovie, Dan Zeitman a two time Emmy award winning video producer turned coder will show you how he's building the next generation of video editing tools using Vue. Reimagine the possibilities of building seemingly difficult applications with ease to create wonderfully reactive real-time user experiences normally left for desktop applications, by leveraging Vue's emerging component system.

Filipa Lacerda

Senior Frontend Engineer @GitLab

30-45 mins

Vue and Vuex: The good, the bad and the ugly

About two years ago GitLab added Vue to it's code stack. Although we're very happy with the match, not everything was smooth at first.

Divya Sasidharan

Developer Advocate @Netlify

30-45 mins

Building Forms for an Engaging User Experience in VueJS

Forms are one of the most heavily used forms of interactivity on the web and are an integral part of any web application. When built well, they incentivize users to complete forms quickly without sacrificing inaccuracies. Creating a “good form” that is semantic while also providing the user with a pleasant experience however is a tricky business. It requires a keen understanding of the user experience to build out a good engaging workflow and a willingness to finagle input elements to your bidding. Thankfully, the template syntax in VueJS alongside its state management system lends itself well to creating semantic web forms that also respond seamlessly to user input. In this talk, we will explore various patterns and strategies to building semantic and robust forms in VueJS while also ensuring a delightful and engaging user experience.

Adam Wathan

Full Stack Developer & Teacher

30-45 mins

Advanced Component Design

It's easy to think of Vue as a library for simply building UI components, but the component model is actually a lot more powerful and widely applicable than you might expect. In this talk you'll learn how to use render functions and scoped slots to build reusable components that encapsulate all sorts of non-traditional behaviors, from fetching JSON in your markup to simulating element queries.

Sebastien Chopin

Creator of Nuxt.js

30-45 mins

Nuxt.js 2.0

Webpack 4, hooks, modules, ESM, we will look at how Nuxt.js has improved and see how fast we can create Vue.js application (Universal, SPA, PWA...). We will also look at server-side rendering caveats and the best practice to keep in mind.

Eduardo Morote

Vue.js Core Team Member

30-45 mins



John Leider

Creator of Vuetify.js

30-45 mins



Blake Newman

Vue.js Core Team Member

30-45 mins



Evan Schultz

Technical Director

30-45 mins



... order of talk is subject to change and other talk details will be updated soon.